P.S I Love You

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Di bagian depan buku tertulis "When Mom Wrote she always saved the best for last". Yang terjadi selanjutnya terharu-biru sendiri dan langsung membayangkan ketika suatu hari nanti tiba giliran saya untuk menjadi seorang ibu, itu pasti drama banget.

Ada beberapa teman bilang, mungkin ini ada kaitannya dengan zodiak. Leo itu adalah tipikal orang yang selalu berlebihan menyikapi sesuatu. Tapi ngomong-ngomong zodiak, saya ga pernah tertarik dengan hal-hal seperti itu, jadi maafkan kalo terdengar masabodo.

Tapi soal gampang tersentuh, Saya orangnya.

Gimana ga, seorang Ibu menulis note-note kecil disetiap hari untuk putri-putrinya yang semakin hari semakin beranjak dewasa itu seperti hal yang ga bisa saya ungkapin lewat kata-kata *another drama*

Seperti ketika tiba-tiba melihat mama bersikap diluar kebiasaanya, misal : menunggu saya pulang kerja lalu bertanya tentang hari itu, dan segampang itu aja saya terharu lalu ingin memeluknya.


Tulisan ini dicompile oleh H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

P.S : Dearest daughter, you dont have to prove yourself to me, your father or to anyone. If you have done your best, thats all that matters. Are you content and satisfied with your efforts? Thats the only question to ask.

P.S : Regarding your D in biology, let me only say that sometimes a good scare is worth more than good advice.

P.S : One of your fathers clients sent him a lovely paperweight with this inscription. People can be divided into three groups. Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen. Those who wonder what happen. Congratulations on being the captain of the first group. You have a very special father.

P.S : Last week i met a young salesman in a shoe store wearing this button. He'd made it himself. I love it! -> if you dont have a smile, e'll give you one of mine.

P.S: Now that you and your sister are graduated, happily married and working at jobs that are challenging and financially rewarding, your father and I feel it's finally our time. Someone said : "Life doesnt begin at conception, nor at birth, but when the kids leave home and the dog dies. We eagerly await the next chapter in our lives. Wagons ho!

P.S: Aunt Bessie says one of the best things about getting older is that all those things you wanted and couldnt afford when you were younger, you no longer want.

P.S: I know how upset you are with Robert. But when you remember how hard it is to change yourself, you begin to understand what little chance we have of changing others.

P.S: Uncle Henry says he knows he's broke into his car and stole this cassete deck, but left his tapes.
I know you are angry with me. But dont forget for a second that i love you. No matter what you do, or say, or think, you can always depend on my support and love.


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